Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I was training for a half marathon when I found out I was pregnant last September. Needless to say I tried to keep running but with coaching and being extra tired I fell off the wagon. Since Wade is almost 6 months old he is big enough to be in the jogging stroller for runs. This afternoon was beautiful and I decided it would be the perfect day to start running again. Well first let me say I am out of shape but I forgot how nice it is to run. Just being outside with an iPod and my thoughts and now of course Wade is pure bliss. Luckily Wade loves riding in his stroller outside so he was perfect. Hopefully I will get a few more runs in before it gets to cold.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look What Arrived Today!

I ordered a 3 pack of Bumgenius elemental and because I spent $65 I got a one size diaper free which was a rocky mountain diaper. I also ordered 6 more Bumgenius 4.0 because they are having a sale buy 5 get 1 free.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 Months

Wade hit 5 Months. I do not know how that happened. It feels like I just had a baby sometimes. He has grown so much and changed so much.
Some of my favorite things he is doing right now are:
Putting everything in his mouth including his toes.
He loves tummy time now
He pets the dogs
Reaches for everything
Spins in circles on his playmate
Starting to sit unassisted

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Consignment Sales

I LOVE consignment sales. Especially when people price their own items. Many times people price things so ridiculously low that I buy more than I should. I went today and only wish I knew I could have gone yesterday for $2. Everyone was saying people bought tons of great things yesterday. I got some amazing things. I will probably go back tonight once I check out Wades closet to see what he needs for the winter. I was able to get some gently used Riley Roos for next year, brand new pair of Janie and Jack crib boots, a cute pair of rain boots for $1. A Kelty infant carrier for only $12. I did not have to get this but I think it may be better for facing out. Plus a Fisher Price sit and stand activity center for $12, Vtec move and crawl ball, musical drum, Vtec spinning learning community and a mirror which Wade loves. All of this for less than $80!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cloth Diaper Decisions

Diaper DrawerCovers
Bumgenius 4.0

Before Wade was born I decided I would cloth diaper. As you can see in my diaper drawer I have mostly prefolds. Up until now we have been part timers when it came to cloth. Part of this was due to travel, babysitters, and probably my main reason the bulkiness on a small baby. I found it hard to fit cloth diapers under some of Wades cute shorts that I had bought him for the summer. Now that he is getting a little bigger and recently switched over to bigger sized clothing I find that cloth fits better. I also just started using his Bumgenius 4.0 diapers. Can I say I Love these! Not only are they easier to get on him since they do not have two steps, they are also softer on his skin. I still like my prefolds because they are so cost effective but I am glad I ordered a few AIO diapers. Now my dilemma. Wade is just about to out grow the Thirsty size one covers I have for him. Do I order size two Thirsty covers and prefolds or do I buy the AIO I love so much? I plan on washing diapers every other day. So I only need about 14 diapers. I have 3 Bumgenius already.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So I have been waiting for Wade to begin rolling like all the babies I know his same age or a little younger. He has rolled a few times now but only a few. Well this afternoon he decide there is no need for rolling when you can scoot on your back everywhere you want to go. Hopefully he does not rub all the hair off the back of his head.

Starting solids

Okay so I remember when we visited for our 2 month appointment the Dr mentioned starting solids after our 4 month appointment. At that moment 4 months seemed so far away. Now we are past 4 months. First of all I am not ready for solid food diapers! Besides that I think that my little Wade starting solids signifies how big he is getting. I'm just not ready. Also I'm afraid introducing solids will mess up my milk production and I will run out. I plan on breastfeeding until he is 1 year old. The doc said he is gaining lots of weight so I can hold off until he is 6 months. What do I do? Do I start now with rice cereal so he is getting practice eating with a spoon or should I wait?

No sleep for the sleepless

Wade had a rough first 7 weeks. He started off sleeping in his crib. He had reflux and was not sleeping more than an hour or two at night. Many times I would go check on him and he would be in a puddle of spit up. At night I would spend hours walking him around the house trying to get him to sleep and then try to carefully lay him down without waking him. He liked being walked so much my arms and back were getting tired of carrying him. I went out and got a Moby Wrap. It was wonderful. It took all the strain off my back. At this point Wade had not enjoyed being in his swing or taking a pacifier. One night at about 4:00am nothing was stopping him screaming and crying. I tried everything even driving him in the car and no luck so I decided to try the swing one more time with a pacifier. It was like magic. He started sucking away and nodding off to the sway of the swing. He fell asleep. I did not know what to do. I really wanted to sleep but everything on the swing said not to leave him unattended in the swing. I googled it online and with so many moms who said they let their babies sleep in the swing at night I left him and went to sleep. It was not my best sleep because I kept wanting to check on him in the living room in the swing. 3 hours later and he was still asleep. He finally woke up after 3 and half hours of sleep. This started the beginning of a great sleeper. I did move the swing into our room for the next night. I still had to wear him in the Moby Wrap to get him sleepy but that to would be unesecary after a few weeks. I did not have him swing all night just for 30 minutes until he was asleep. After talking to our great nurse practitioner she reassured me that the swing is fine. She said often times babies with reflux need to be more upright to make them feel more comfortable.

Starting the blog

There must be something about babies that make you become a blogger. For me it is part wanting to document growth and part keeping family and friends informed. I wanted to start a blog as soon as Wade was born, but let's face it life with a newborn does not leave much time to start a blog. So here I am starting the blog and Wade is 4 and half months old.