Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cloth Diaper Decisions

Diaper DrawerCovers
Bumgenius 4.0

Before Wade was born I decided I would cloth diaper. As you can see in my diaper drawer I have mostly prefolds. Up until now we have been part timers when it came to cloth. Part of this was due to travel, babysitters, and probably my main reason the bulkiness on a small baby. I found it hard to fit cloth diapers under some of Wades cute shorts that I had bought him for the summer. Now that he is getting a little bigger and recently switched over to bigger sized clothing I find that cloth fits better. I also just started using his Bumgenius 4.0 diapers. Can I say I Love these! Not only are they easier to get on him since they do not have two steps, they are also softer on his skin. I still like my prefolds because they are so cost effective but I am glad I ordered a few AIO diapers. Now my dilemma. Wade is just about to out grow the Thirsty size one covers I have for him. Do I order size two Thirsty covers and prefolds or do I buy the AIO I love so much? I plan on washing diapers every other day. So I only need about 14 diapers. I have 3 Bumgenius already.

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