Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No sleep for the sleepless

Wade had a rough first 7 weeks. He started off sleeping in his crib. He had reflux and was not sleeping more than an hour or two at night. Many times I would go check on him and he would be in a puddle of spit up. At night I would spend hours walking him around the house trying to get him to sleep and then try to carefully lay him down without waking him. He liked being walked so much my arms and back were getting tired of carrying him. I went out and got a Moby Wrap. It was wonderful. It took all the strain off my back. At this point Wade had not enjoyed being in his swing or taking a pacifier. One night at about 4:00am nothing was stopping him screaming and crying. I tried everything even driving him in the car and no luck so I decided to try the swing one more time with a pacifier. It was like magic. He started sucking away and nodding off to the sway of the swing. He fell asleep. I did not know what to do. I really wanted to sleep but everything on the swing said not to leave him unattended in the swing. I googled it online and with so many moms who said they let their babies sleep in the swing at night I left him and went to sleep. It was not my best sleep because I kept wanting to check on him in the living room in the swing. 3 hours later and he was still asleep. He finally woke up after 3 and half hours of sleep. This started the beginning of a great sleeper. I did move the swing into our room for the next night. I still had to wear him in the Moby Wrap to get him sleepy but that to would be unesecary after a few weeks. I did not have him swing all night just for 30 minutes until he was asleep. After talking to our great nurse practitioner she reassured me that the swing is fine. She said often times babies with reflux need to be more upright to make them feel more comfortable.

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